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Employees are encouraged to identify further training opportunities which will help them develop within their role or gain promotion. Each employee has their own Personal Development Programme allowing them to continually improve within their current role and establish a progressive career path.

Simmons Services recruitment have been involved in various community employment initiatives such as Fusion 21 and South Liverpool Recruitment to employ local long term unemployed people following an intensive 8 week training programme. This has proved successful and several of these workers have become permanent staff.

We are committed to employing apprentices and take on up to four per year from various sources. All applicants have to pass basic Construction Skills tests to qualify or come through pre-qualification access schemes.

Adult trainees have been recruited through Fusion 21 and several members of our workforce have started as semi-skilled but as we continue to recognise their potential they have progressed from trainees to NVQ qualified trades people. These are typical examples of a business that takes its corporate responsibility seriously and is prepared to demonstrate its commitment to sustainability through the support of local communities.

Simmons Services is an equal opportunities employer and welcomes applicants from all demographic groups regardless of race, beliefs, gender and disability.
If you are interested in working for us please click this link or choose Working For Us from the left hand menu for further details.

Equality & Diversity


Simmons Services are firmly committed to pursuing equality for all and consciously work to avoid discrimination and embrace a culture of promoting equal opportunities in all aspects of company life and work.

We extend our efforts to understand the nature, causes and effects of the lack of equality and are committed to regularly reviewing our structures and practices in order to guard against any threat to our diversity policies.

Simmons Services are proud that in its history there has never been a case of discrimination on the grounds of equality.

We actively seek to promote equality within the community by actively supporting local government run schemes such as construction skills, Young Person's Opportunity Schemes and youth offending rehabilitation initiatives.

Simmons Services will ensure that all business procedures reflect its policies on equal opportunities and diversity and give a fair opportunity to the recruitment training and promotion of all staff and job applicants.
Simmons Services policies on Equality and Diversity are communicated to staff through induction, employee hand books and contacts and through regular and appropriate training.
Simmons Services will ensure that external communication and job advertisements confirm that it is an equal opportunities employer.

Further details including a copy of Simmons Services Equal Opportunities Policy can be viewed/downloaded by specifiers through the Constructionline web portal.



Company workshops with employees have established the following values which form the bedrock of services to clients.

In the finished job.
In the way the job is delivered.
Being relied upon to deliver quality service consistently.
Demonstrating reliability and consistency in delivering a quality job and going the extra mile.
Showing professionalism and pride through commitment to a reliable service and a quality job.
Practicing the delivery of a quality job in a reliable and committed manner showing professionalism and pride in what we do is success.

Continuous Improvement is a key factor in our success.
Simmons Services deliver best value through their partnering contracts and developing open and honest relationships with customers. This means setting mutually agreed objectives and having joint decision making processes between us, our clients and our customers.

Customer satisfaction is highly valuable to our business and we endeavor to continually improve this in several ways including:

  • Always asking for customer and client feedback
  • Constantly seeking to improve quality
  • Cost reduction
  • Achieving deadlines and time sensitive targets
  • Avoiding waste
  • Improved communication and liaison
  • Sustainability
  • Management reporting structure
  • Big enough to cope - small enough to care - well managed Branch Network from the Scottish borders to the Midlands including Wales.
  • Excellent use of technology
  • Workable Sustainability Policy

Continuous improvement is practiced throughout the business. Our company success is attributable to the commitment and dedication of our whole workforce in providing an honest and reliable service.


Our culture is "Customer First!". Customer satisfaction is a key performance indicator for the business.

A dedicated administration team are on hand at all times to deal with any enquiries that may arise with the aim to provide a "One-Touch-Solution".

Customer Satisfaction is measured by informal feedback, Job Reviews (carried out with the client or site manager) and Customer Satisfaction Surveys (carried out with tenants or the buildings users). 





92% of workforce CSCS registered -

Registered with:-


Dulux Trade Contract Partnership -
Click the logo above for the Dulux Contract Partner website.

Future Commitments

Simmons Services remain committed to achieving environmental accreditation to the ISO 14001 standard during 2015.




Simmons Services are committed to a social responsibility agenda the cornerstone of which is a sustainability policy to ensure our activities can leave a legacy in terms of sustaining the communities that we work in.

Simmons Services are unique in the industry being one of the few contractors to have a workable sustainability policy to meet social responsibility objectives.

The sustainability policy can be viewed on the Dulux contract Partner web site

Simmons services are always looking for sustainability opportunities and welcome enquiries from clients and charitable organisations in the their branch office areas to help those organisations achieve their social responsibility objectives.

Please forward a web enquiry form for a speedy response or refer to our news pages for inspiration if you intend to plan a community event.
The web enquiry form can be found on the bottom of each page to the left handside.


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