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Schools and Colleges:

Principals and business managers at schools and colleges have to manage shrinking budgets in an increasingly competitive environment.

● Buildings need to be well maintained and appealing to attract new students.
Schools and Colleges need to maximize the effectiveness of colour to stimulate students in the learning environment and maintain the building in good order at all times.

● Schools need to maintain a safe environment for their students and staff and this can only be achieved through regular effective maintenance.

● Fixed annual payments help business managers budget professionally and ensure there are no financial surprises in the form of large ad hoc maintenance projects.

Leasehold Properties:

Sinking funds are becoming shrinking funds and resident groups are under pressure to maintain assets as part of their lease
If you need to decorate your building now but the sinking fund is not adequate to fund the project why not use the unique programmed painting approach and fully paint the project now.

Hotels, Leisure Outlets, Sporting Clubs:

General Managers have to maintain their assets in good decorative order to attract customers, users of hotels and members of Leisure outlets and Sporting Clubs, increasingly want value for money

● Paint your circulation or high traffic areas more regularly to maintain a high standard of appearance.

● Demonstrate to members and users that you care about their environment and return their investment in you through regular maintenance.

● A tailored programme can increase and reduce in terms of the number of areas of a property or the number of assets maintained, this can ebb and flow with membership levels of intensity of use to reflect the trends in your business.

Commercial and Industrial Organisations:

Commercial Managers are juggling decreasing budgets and tighter trading conditions are impacting on their ability to effectively maintain their property assets
Many commercial managers are distracted from their core functions by property maintenance issues, does this sound like you or your managers?

● A tailored programme releases commercial managers and other staff to concentrate on your core business.

● Spread the cost of the work over a period of years at a fixed level whilst maintaining a high standard of appearance and the physical integrity of your asset.

● Programmes are ideal for buildings, large machinery installations, tanks, plant, factory and warehouse floors, steel structures.


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