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Choose the right programme to suit your needs and leave us to it:

Simmons Services offer two simple but effective programmes to meet your needs and your budget.

Standard Painting Programme:

●Usually involving a single area or a number of your property assets where most or all of the work gets done in the first year and you spread the cost over the term of the programme over the number of years that suits your needs.

●An annual maintenance programme is set up and the property is maintained in good decorative order throughout the agreed term.

●The standard programme also caters for multiple assets in varying states of repair where the standard programme is simply multiplied to extend to each of the property assets that you wish to maintain.

Flexible Painting Programme:

Normally catering for situations where you pay for a large amount of work at the outset due to grant or capital expenditure or use of a sinking or maintenance fund. After the initial project we can schedule maintenance work and payments evenly over a period to suit your needs.


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